Fishing Rules

No NUTS or UNPREPARED PARTICLES to be used. Particles must be soaked and cooked accordingly and USED SPARINGLY (E.g. One small tin per 12hrs).

NO OLD or OUT OF DATE PELLETS to be used. Fresh coarse pellets can be bought on site. NO PRE-BAITING or LOOSE FEEDING PRESERVED SHELF LIFE BOILIES or feeding gallons of maggots.

No FISH of any kind to be RETAINED in SACKS of any kind. Use a landing net whilst getting your camera ready. No KEEPNETS to be used.

UN-HOOKING MATS/SLINGS/NETS must be used. Six sets are available and must be left on the premises. DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN TO THE FISHERY. Do not leave any unused bait in the landing nets (E.g. Pop-ups). Please ensure that you have a tub/bucket of lake water to hand to stop the fish from drying out on the mat especially in warm or windy weather.

BARBLESS hooks only to be used. No curved long shank or bent hooks. No “it’s only a splinter barb” and No I can’t see it!!!!

NO SOLID BEADS to be used at all above the swivel. ie the rod/reel side. In case of breakage the RIG MUST COME OFF.

No TETHER RIGS or SHOKKA TYPE RIGS. No naked set ups ie naked chod etc . Tubing must be used to protect fishes backs.

No leadcore or leaders. Only tubing to be used (the type that does not bunch up – i.e. stainless lined. The correct tubing can be purchased from Brian at cost price.

No BRAIDED MAINLINE (flat or round) other than for use with a Spod or Marker. Hook link material should be of a lower breaking strain than the main line WHICH SHOULD BE 15LB MINIMUM. 5LB Minimum for roach fishing.


HOOK AND LINE that has got stuck in a tree must be reported to Brian so you can have your hook back (Decorations on trees are for XMAS only!!).

ANTI-BACTERIAL SOLUTION such as Korda’s Carp Care Kit, Kryston Klin-ik Shield, Nash Medi-Carp or a proprietary koi treatment solutions such as NT Labs Acroflavin must be used for hook holes, mouth damage, ulcers etc (Nash Medi Carp can be purchased from Brian). Please do not use Bonjela, Orabase or similar non-fish specific solutions as these are not laboratory proven for use on fish.

Limit of 3 RODS per person. That includes a float or floater rod. ENTRANCE GATE to be kept LOCKED at all times. LOST KEYS must be reported straight away to Brian.

NO anti-social behaviour. This includes recreational drug taking, excessive drinking, etc which will be detrimental to fish care.

NO FIRES and NO HOT PANS / KETTLES on the grass. Please put them on slabs, table etc to protect the grass.

There is an outside TOILET which can be used if muddy, rather than taking boots off and using the lodge toilet.

If you’r using ELECTRONIC ALARMS, please keep the VOLUME DOWN to a reasonable level  specially AT NIGHT as there are some distant neighbours.

Night fishing is allowed but it is not permitted to sleep in the lodge with your rods out. Night fishing must be done from a bivvy or umbrella next to your rods.

ALL CARP CAPTURES to be RECORDED and REPORTED TO BRIAN after your session. Do not climb the FENCES as they are ELECTRIFIED. Do not CLIMB TREES.

Children under 13 are not allowed to fish due to the size of the carp. The owners take no responsibility for any loss or damage of any kind to guests and their belongings.

We reserve the right to amend/add RULES as the need arises. CHECK the welcome pack for any CHANGES BEFORE FISHING.

ANYONE BREAKING these RULES may be TOLD TO LEAVE the fishery, sacrificing all money paid.

It is the responsibility of the angler to ensure they have the correct number of CURRENT ROD LICENSES for the number of rods being used.

Carp must be carried back to the water and released in the weigh slings provided, not carried by hand.

NO Korda Goo/Discharge or hair dyes to be used/kept inside the accommodation or the decking. Considerable damage to our property is being caused by these dyes.

Bivvy’s must be moved half way into your stay, to protect the grass ie on Tuesday’s