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Comments from our Guest Book



June 2018- A great week, fantastic fishing. A wonderful and very professional fishery. Brian, you should be very proud of what you have built at Stenhill Fishery. We will be back ..Geoff & Ken Chicago USA.

August 2017- Our fifth time to Stenhil, and as good as always! Great to have a catch up with Brian and we had our best fishing ever! We caught 114 carp and 8 tench. All caught without any night fishing. Paul & Louise ( Dave and Laura for a couple days). Both had their Pbs.

July 2017- Our second visit and what an amazing week! Thank you so much Brian you think of everything. The girls loved the sunbathing, and the fishing was fantastic. Weather was hot, couldn't have asked for more. a great time by all, cannot wait to return. 93 carp 3 koi 6 tench. 10 twenties shed loads of 19s biggest 23lb 14 common. Colin Peter Ken Tracey Julie Holley.

June 2017- Our first visit to Stenhill. We all had a wonderful week. All three children took to the fishing, with an abundance of roach, perch, tench and an eel caught between them. 8 carp over 10lb 4 over 20lb largest fish 24lb 8 oz mirror. Howard Jessica Mia Max Joey.

May 2017- Another great time at Stenhill. Thanks to Brian and his lake. The lovely cabin for making it another lovely family holiday. We love the bridge and new stalking swim. Hope to see you again soon. 12 twenties to 27lb 2oz. 1 x 30lb common at 30lb 7oz. Arron Kath Linda Allan.

May 2017- 28 carp over 20lb. 52 over 10lb. 8 under 10lb 7 koi 2 tench. Another good week at Stenhill. Will see you in September. Chris & Helen

April 2017- 12 twenties 15 doubles 5 stockies 2 x 4lb tench 1 x 2lb roach 32 carp caught great week, great weather, great lodge daytime fishing only. thanks brian Neil & Chris.

February 2017 13 carp caught 5 doubles 8 twenties. best 26lb 10. Day time fishing only, great lodge and perfect setting as always. Will be back later this year cheers Brian .... Rod

January 2017 - Cracking little fishery. Lovely lodge and great hospitality. Brian super helpful and a great host. 21lb mirror 15lb 8 mirror 18lb common 17lb 8 mirror 16lb mirror 10lb common 16lb common 18lb common 27lb 8 common 15lb common 16lb mirror. Paul .......

October 2016 - Its with heavy heats we leave Stenhill, as always! Absolutely cracking two weeks, weather and fishing superb. for us numbers are not a priority. The location and comfort of Stenhill come first and the enjoyment of catching top class carp add to the pleasure. 49 carp Pam & Steve

September 2016 - Another Superb week at Stenhill 54 carp to 27lb and 2 tench. ( our first here) Brian thank you for your Friendship and hospitality.

August 2016 -7th visit for Chris & Helen, 4th visit for Reg & Linda Total carp 110 plus 2 tench 20 over 20lb. 78 doubles 3 koi rest stockies up to 10lb

July 2016 - 88 carp to 27lb 9. 58 doubles 17 twenties 14 stockies 4 ghost carp 1 koi. Fantastic fishing and venue. Thanks Brian for another lovely week.

June 2016 - 30 carp in total. 6 over 20lb 22 doubles 2 under double what a fantastic week!! 5 personal bests between us common 26lb 5 mirror 23lb 15 ghost koi 17lb David & Neile.

May 2016 - Another fabulous week at Stenhill. Fished mainly during daylight hours. Jan upping her Pb to 27lb 5 oz Carp caught 105 and 1 tench. 21 over 20lb 77 doubles. overall weight 1718lb 1 oz See you in July Brian

April 2016 Poor weather conditions with night time frosts making things difficult. Fish were obliging in spells. 3 anglers 23 x twenties 65 fish best fish 27lb 4. Terry Richard Sean Elaine.

March 2016 - 21 carp caught biggest 28lb 1 common. 14 twenties 6 doubles 1 single 90 % of those caught during late evening and late at night. Forecast frosts and cold winds didn't stop them feeding. see you in June Brian. Aaron Kath Allan Linda.

February 2016 - Really nice place, had a fab relaxing time. Lake and lodge kept so nicely. Beautiful holiday Mirror carp 28lb 8 Pb, 28lb 1. 16lb 12. Orange Koi 12lb 3 lots of perch and roach. Ro & Nicky

December 2015 - Lots of rain. 26 hours fishing. We had a ball mind. see you in July (dry please) Mirrors 20lb 4oz, 14lb 6oz, 20lb 6oz, 12lb 12oz, 22lb 6oz, 16lb 8oz. Commons 27lb12oz, 27lb 4oz, 9lb 8oz, 24lb 12oz, 20lb 8oz, 16lb 2oz, 22lb 4oz, 18lb 6oz ,,Meg & Dave

November 2015 - Brian, what a fantastic place you have created. You can see all around the care and attention to detail that makes "stenhill" the place to fish. Came down with my son to recharge and chill. Fishing slow due to weather, but that did not spoil the stay. Read all the comments in this book and you should be proud of what you have achieved here and the fact you are so well thought of . We both share every-bodies comments in here Geoff & Nathan.

October 2015 - Second visit to Stenhill and already booked for June 2016. Lodge as excellent as we remember. Brian great ,thanks for everything. Fish Stunning! 15 mirrors to 28lb 14oz. 2 commons & 3 stockies. In total just short of 350lb of carp - Brilliant cant wait till June.

September 2015 -  Once again a fantastic stay and a special one (you know why Brian). Numerous carp caught mid twenties and several upper twenties. It's not just about the fishing for us, it's Stenhill itself. Thank you Brian for your help and company, wishing next year here already. We leave you with heavy hearts. Thank you Pam & Steve .

August 2015 - Third time at Stenhill. Great fishing yet again & 3 new Pbs . 46 carp biggest 26lb 9oz . See you again next year . The Stanley family.

July 2015 - Best fishing so far. Weather conditions good. The two men fished all day and most nights. The two ladies fished a few hours during the day. Pb 28lb 12oz for Linda Brian said its the 150th Pb from the lake. Overall it was a very enjoyable week, it will be hard to beat when we come back next May. 109 carp for 1643lb (lake record catch) Chris,Reg, Helen and Linda .

June 2015 - Fantastic fishing, Fantastic accommodation, Brian very helpful, be back soon. Over 100 fish, 22 twenties to 28lb 1oz, 62 doubles, 18 stockies, ghost koi, tench, eels, roach ... the Chester Family.

May 2015 - Great Lodge and facilities, beautiful location a credit to Brian. Fishing patchy due to the weather, wind, rain, frost, not much sun. Wish I fished for the roach earlier as only fished days. Recommend the Ashill Inn . 14 carp 12 roach best a PB 1lb 13oz 2 Tench 2 x 1lb Rudd John & Joyce

April 2015 - Yet another fantastic week at Idyllic Stenhill in the lovely lodge with picture perfect surroundings. Fishing difficult at the beginning but came true to form towards the end. Weather fabulous for sunbathing with overnight frost! 42 carp heaviest 26lb plenty of action. Chris& Helen.

April 2015 - Fantastic facilities. Lake is stunning and a great weeks fishing 38 carp plus 18 stockies for a total of 654lb biggest 26lb 2 mirror. John.

April 2015 - Fishing Lodge / Luxury apartment totally fantastic and kept to the highest standard by Brian. Idyllic, peaceful location managed to perfection. The ultimate family fishing holiday surrounded by local attractions. Many thanks Brian,Helen & Family . 27 carp to 25lb caught.

March 2015 - Just like coming home , wonderful week just what the doctor ordered ! Great to see you again Brian Two gorgeous carp , but who cares the sun was out , birds busy and altogether a wonderful place to be . Pam and Steve

March 2015 - Only 5 carp caught which were 4 low twenties and 1 double . Fishing tricky due to change in weather , hard frost , heavy rain , cold winds. Thanks Brian See you in September. Aaron , Kath , Allan & Linda .

February 2015 - Fished main body of lake, the two fish came under willow of island. Most of fish appeared to be in back channel but not taking bait. Hard frosts and heavy rain did not seem to help . Very relaxing stay though. 11lb 8 mirror , 15lb 8 mirror . Tim & Deb

October 2014 - Nothing needed to say that I have not said before. A much needed 'break'. 90% of fish caught in darkness meaning sleep not the best, but that's FISHING!!! See you again soon I hope!!! 19 fish = 320lb 8oz, av 16lb 10oz. All fish caught on Mainline Hybrid baits over matching stick mix, 10mm baits (20 in a PVA bag) & pellets. Darren

October 2014 - First visit to Stenhill and so impressed by the facilities. Lodge is fantastic, lake beautiful and Brian couldn't have been more welcoming and helpful. Tough week fishing, different baits, set-ups but tempting them to bite was tricky. What we did catch were stunners with two PBs. Will certainly be coming back. Mike, Bruce & Jon (4 x mirror to 28lb 5oz, 1 x common, 1 x tench)

October 2014 - 2nd visit this year and again a good catch. Accommodation excellent and we will be back. Terry & Richard (20s - 18, best 27lb 12oz, doubles - 36, stockies - 2)

October 2014 - This is our fifth visit to to Stenhill and was another thoroughly enjoyable holiday. Two anglers fishing and caught 24 carp and two tench. Lots of big twenties and a 30 for each angler. Allan catching the lakes most sought after fish Mr Angry. Stenhill has the best fishing and accommodation anywhere in the UK. See you soon Brian. Aaron & Kath + Allan & Linda

October 2014 - Helen & Chris's third visit to idyllic Stenhill, Jan & John's first. Facilities and accommodation as previous excellent. Helpful Brian was always on hand with 'Top Tips' Good catches throughout our stay with Jan and Helen both achieving personal bests. Both catching a mirror carp each weighing in at 26lb 8oz. Thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will be back for more of the same in April 2015. Jan, John, Helen & Chris (Total carp -36, carp over 20lbs -9)

September 2014 - A big thank you to Brian for yet another wonderful weekend at Stenhill :) Karl & Anna (for the weekend) What can we say that hasn't already been said, thank you both for a lovely two weeks & was great to see you, Sarah. The champagne for our Anniversary was a lovely surprise. We are already looking forward to our next visit in April :) :) Brian, Thank you for the help and advice we always look forward to catching up with you and having a natter! Pam & Steve

September 2014 - Stenhill Fishery provides the absolute best in fishing holidays. Accommodation great, location stunning, fishing sublime. The quality of the fish and the venue is a testament to Brian, who also happens to be a really great guy! We've booked up for 2 more years. Nice job Brian, well done to you! 1124lbs of carp inc 1 x 30 (common) 30 over 20lb! Roger, Jon & Rich (for a day)

September 2014 - First time at Stenhill and we've just booked for the next two years! Great location, peaceful place lovely and very well kept lake. It fished its socks off for the first 5 days then went quiet. 1 x thirty, 22 twenties, 17 x doubles, 2 x koi, 1 x stockies. 919lbs of fish! + some tench etc. All in all it's been one of the best trips we've had. We only fished from 8.30am until 10.30pm!!! Dave, Mike & Rob.

August 2014 - Very wet week but as Brian predicted the lake fished its socks off. All in all 84 carp in 7 days quite amazing!!! Conservative estimate of over 1200lb of fish!!!! Thanks Brian once again very very good week. Simon, Paul, Perry (24 hour session), Sharon & Harry assisting.

August 2014 - Great week in wonderful surroundings. Fishing difficult but we managed to catch, despite the ducks going diving down and clearing out our baits!! 18 carp between us including 9 twenties. Also some nice roach to 1lb 12oz and several eels over 3lb. Bob & Tony (12 mirror carp to 27lb, 6 common carp to 24lb 4oz)

August 2014 - It's our second holiday here and loved it again. Fantastic lodge with fantastic facilities and Brian extremely helpful. Already booked again for next year. Amazing fishing, we caught a total of 53 carp during the week with 11 carp over 20lb plus lots of Tench, Roach, Perch and Eels. A total of 875lb of carp caught during the week. Louise also broke her personal best too. The Stanley Family (27 mirror carp to 25lb 10oz, 21 common carp to 25lb 12oz, 3 koi carp to 13lb 3oz plus 2 ghost carp to 8lb 2oz)

August 2014 - Excellent facilities, lodge is amazing, fish in excellent condition. Been to many places here and abroad and nothing compares. Many catches, early morning and night best, bit tricky in the day. Catches - too many doubles to mention, 26lb common x 2, 23lb, 22lb, over 40 quality fish, tench and 2 huge eels which we didn't want, THANKS. Roger, Pete, Rod & Kev

July/August 2014 - Lovely place. Great holiday. Lovely fishing. Will be returning. Many thanks Ian, Michael & Brian

July 2014 - Well what can we say another fabulous week. Brian + family could not do enough for us, lovely to see you all again. Over 38 fish over the week all fish up to 26lb and in excellent condition as always. A/con was god send and could not have lived without it. Scorching week. Ducks very friendly + like to come + sit with you in the evenings. Look forward to next year. :-) xx The Droy family

July 2014 - Another wonderful week spent at 'Beautiful Stenhill', although fishing was difficult because of water and weather conditions, ie extreme heat and blue/green algae problems. Brian once again did all in his power to make our stay as memorable as the previous occasions :) It was great to see little Sarah again, although not so little! It was Lynda's first visit and she too shares the passion for Stenhill, although not a fisherlady herself. Looking forward to September!! Brian, Thank you so much, the effort and care you put into the fishery knows no bounds, the world is very short of people like you! Pam, Steve & Lynda

July 2014 - Smashing venue + accommodation. Brian very helpful. Be back next year. Roger, Gary, Tony & Graham (8 Carp to 24lb 8oz, 2 Tench)

June 2014 - What a perfect holiday. The early part of the week was baking hot, which kept the girls very happy topping up their sun tans! The fishing was still good, but a change in the conditions brought a run of big carp. Dad (Ken) beat his PB 3 times topped off by a 26lb 12oz mirror. Great place, perfect facilities & Brian so welcoming, couldn't ask for more. Looking forward to our return :-) Colin, Tracy, Peter, Julie, Ken & Holly (32 carp weighing a total of 526lb 5oz, big Perch, 2lb Eel, lots of Roach)

June 2014 - We arrived four well seasoned anglers full of hope + belief that we would all exceed our PB's. A very welcome warm + friendly welcome was given to us by Brian + after he had show us "the ropes" we began our task fishing from 7am-10pm each day the sun shone down on us every day in this idyllic place but the fishing was unfortunately far from our expectations even with Brian's tips we failed to catch as we hoped, maybe due to fish spawning the previous week maybe due to the high pressure + glorious weather, certainly not from the want of trying our catch megre for 8 rods in the water for this time. We leave disappointed! But suntanned. Mike, Michelle, Barbara & Colin (1 x 19lb Carp, 4 x Tench, 8 x Eels, 7 Roach)

June 2014 - This is our 5th time to the venue! I had a total of 35 fish with the biggest being 28lb 12oz. An absolute great venue & we will be back again! Ash & Jez

June 2014 - Our first visit to this lovely facility in Devon - we have already booked with Brian for 2015. A relatively slow week however we still caught seven pristine carp up to 23 1/2 lb plus a bonus eel of 5lb 2oz, Tench of 7lb 2 oz and a large roach just shy of 2lb. Thanks Brian for all your help. Paul & Sara, Steve & Caroline

May 2014 - The best weeks fishing ever! Over 50 fish with 20 of them over 20lb. Terry's best fish 27lb 3oz. Richard 22 fish, best 27lb (will be back) Terry & Richard

May 2014 - 1st ever visit and won't be the last. 20 fish for the week, new PB common 25lb and a PB mirror 26lb 8oz, 7 twenties in all. Lovely place run by a really nice guy. Cheers Brian. Keep up the good work. Sean

May 2014 - This is our fifth visit to the most beautiful and tranquil fishing venue. Although the fishing was slow because the fish were 'busy' making more gorgeous Stenhill carp! Six carp were caught in all including two upper twenties, all six fish were pristine :) The addition of the lockable outside tackle store is a great bonus. Lovely to see Sarah again and once again Brian was as helpful as ever. Looking forward to July. Thank you Pam & Steve

May 2014 - This is our second visit to Stenhill. Good weather conditions for fishing with good catches mainly in the daylight hours. Helen and Chris achieved personal bests - Helen 25lb 12oz Mirror. Chris 28lb 12oz Common. Excellent weeks fishing. Total carp - 59. Total weight - 1079lbs 12oz. Carp over 20lbs - 22. Doubles - 33. Under 10lb - 4. Linda, Reg, Helen & Chris

April/May 2014 - Heavy rain 6 days out of 7 spoiled a lot of the week. Facilities as usual excellent and Brian is always on hand to help. Halibut & Trout pellets worked better than boilies.1 mirror 14lbs, 1 common 14 1/4 lbs, 13 Tench to 7lb 2oz most over 5lbs, 1 roach 1lb 1oz, small roach & a Rudd. 2 eels to 2lb. Archie & Shirley

April 2014 - Have had an absolutely amazing week in this idyllic setting! The kids have absolutely loved the pond & outside area! Lodge is excellent standard & has everything you need & more. Brian very welcoming & helpful! Had lots of high pressure & cold nights, fishing slow to start but picked up during week finishing with 20 fish taken to 25lb which was a lovely common! Brian's credence corn was the star bait, 3 pieces fished on a hair rig the winning combination. Will definitely be coming back, wins our award for UK's best destination! Recommendations with kids: Crealy Adventure Park (go early in week as ticket can be used again), World of Country Life & Exmouth beach. Scott, Sonia, Lois & Joe (carp x 14, tench x 5, eel x 1)

April 2014 - Well again, what can we say. An absolute dream week! Thanks again Brian for helping me to beat my PB yet again here at Stenhill with a 27lb 9 common and mirror (26lb 9oz PB mirror). Lodge stunning again. 4 of the carp caught stalking which was brilliant fun. Cannot wait to return where we will have a fantastic week again at Stenhill. 1 angler for 6 days and joined by Brother-in-law for 1 days fishing who also beat his PB with a 15lb mirror. Thanks again Brian + Sarah. Andy, Vicki, Peran + Emmylou (7 twenties, 7 upper doubles, 2 lower doubles, 1 5lb stockie and 1 2lb eel)

March 2014 - Another great session at Stenhill. Fishing difficult during the daytime with most of our catches coming in the darkness. Excellent daytime fun with the waggler catching Rudd, roach and perch - these may be small but are in fin perfect condition. Simon & Paul (22 carp to 24lb 15oz including a lake record and PB ghostie at 21lb 2oz, plus 2 tench)

March 2014 - Thank you Brian for a great trip and for being so helpful. All catching PB's was great, excellent facilities. Will definitely be coming back. Cheers. Ryan, Liam & Lawrence (6 twenties to 28lb, 2 doubles, 1 stockie and 1 roach)

March 2014 - Fantastic fishery, beautiful setting, peaceful & fabulous lodge to fall back on for a bite to eat & to thaw out! Tough on the fishing front but that just adds to the enjoyment. 6 fish caught to 22.9. Hope to come back again. Nick

February 2014 - This was our first time here and we will be back. Brian made us feel so welcomed and the lodge is fantastic and well equipped. We caught Perch, Rudd, Roach and 'Mr Angry' 29lb 4oz (PB). Thank you so much Brian and family. Brian, Jackie, Andy, Jo & boys x 2

February 2014 - We had a lovely weekend. So peaceful here and the lodge is lovely. Brian made us feel very welcome. Unfortunately didn't catch anything but maybe can have better luck next time. Thank you for everything Brian. Will see you again. Rob & Alex

February 2014 - Tip top lodge, venue and fishery. All together a top notch short stay. 5 carp in the cold, wind and rain can't be bad. Thanks Brian and will be returning soon. Rod (2 upper doubles, 24lb 8oz linear, 27lb linear and 28lb 2oz mirror)

February 2014 - Tough session but rewarded with 4 stunning carp! Patience is the key, rigs in for 20+ hours before a take. Thanks Brian. Daz, Lewis, Paul, Dean & Chris (4 carp to 28lb 10oz)

December 2013 - What a fabulous Christmas despite the weather! Torrential rain, phenomenal winds and heavy frosts for three mornings. Managed to sneak in 29 hours fishing - not just any fishing though - fantastic fishing....9 twenties to 28lb 6oz, 5 doubles, an 8lb 9oz linear stockie and a very large tench. Bring on the summer 2015. Dave & Meg

November 2013 - Another lovely break at this wonderful venue. Fishing not as productive as our last visit, but much colder, with a very hard frost on Tuesday morning. 3 carp caught (to 18lb 2oz). Thanks again Brian, will be back very soon. Dawn & Ernie

November 2013 - Wonderful, relaxing couple of days spent in luxurious accommodation - so much attention to detail. Although we didn't even land a minnow! The Thirkettle family

November 2013 - There's not much that we could write that hasn't already been said. It is a wonderful place & the whole family has had a great time despite being just one fisherman. Brian, thanks so much for helping me beat my PB by 8 1/2 lbs!! A lovely 26lbs 7oz common! 16lb 2oz common. And a 4lb Eel. What a cracking fishery. We will be back. Wonderful carp fisherman's paradise. Cheers for now. Andrew, Vicki, Peran & Emmylou

October 2013 - This is a very beautiful place. Brian is nice, the fish are very intelligent. It rained a lot when we stayed we caught 200 x 0 fish! Thank you Brian & your family. Best wishes with love from Dennis & Esther

October 2013 - Excellent venue. Fantastic lake. Very well maintained. Wonderfully conditioned fish. Will be back next year. A wonderful break. Thanks Brian. Paul & Tony (6 carp to 21lb 8oz including a PB common and a PB koi. 9 eels and 1 perch caught on prawns)

October 2013 - Lovely venue, and facilities, shame about the cold + rain!! Will be back in the future. Cheers Brian. All the best mate. Phil, Kev & Ollie (13 carp, 7 twenties to 28lb, the rest doubles, 1 tench 7lb 2oz, 1 eel. Biggest common 28lb, biggest mirror 26lb 8oz)

October 2013 - Beautiful lodge, beautiful surroundings and excellent fishing. Have been to many fishing holiday venues and this is one of the best. We have had a great break and thanks Brian for your advice. We will be back - hopefully next time Ernie won't injure his ankle! Dawn & Ernie (11 carp to 24lb)

October 2013 - Best short stay I have ever had. Fantastic fishing, fantastic lodge. Brian is a top notch host. Can't wait to come back. Thanks Brian. Lee, Liam & Tony (2 PBs)

September 2013 - Fab-u-lous! Had a ball. Lodge - words fail me - can't wait for Christmas. Dave & Meg (18 carp to 27lb 9oz plus 1 roach)

September 2013 - Probably the best UK fishing holiday I've ever had. 1st class accommodation, lake and surrounding area. We caught stunning fish steadily throughout the day, so much that we didn't bother with overnights. Maybe the weather had something to do with that! Thanks Brian. Chris, Lin, Andrew & Macie (11 carp to 27lb)

September 2013 - Excellent accommodation and Brian went out of his way to be helpful. Thanks Brian. Rain at sometime every day didn't help, neither did spending two days using flake and floating crust. They don't like bread? We'll be back. :-) Archie & Shirley (3 tench to 4lb, a 2 1/2 lb PB roach, an eel and 6 carp to 23lb)

September 2013 - Great week. 2 x PBs just. Jonny had over 200lbs of carp to 23lb 11oz. Weather great for humans not so good for carp. Thanks Brian. Chris & Jonny

August 2013 - Once again a wonderful stay at beautiful Stenhill, a total surprise 60th birthday gift to Steve. He would like to thank Brian & lovely Sarah for making it so special. The fishing was great, once again PB broken by our daughter. If there is a heaven then surely this must be it!! :) Thanks Brian we never tire of listening and sharing your stories with you. Look forward to seeing the three of you next year. Pam Thank you for helping to create birthday I will never forget and my gift. Looking forward to our next visit. Steve xx (18 fish caught ranging from 10 to 27 pounds)

An amazing week here at Stenhill, with special thanks to Mum and Dad for allowing us to share this special occasion. Karl caught 8 fish ranging from 3-19lb 12oz, which included a magnificent Koi. I smashed my PB of 18lb with the magnificent Warrior, what a truly amazing experience. Brian and Sarah, you aren't just wonderful hosts but you are a fantastic family too, and made us feel very welcome. We look forward to a return visit. Anna and Karl xx

August 2013 - Fantastic venue. Lovely accommodation + weather! All going home with sunburn. Fishing a little slow as cruising on top in day. 1 night fishing rest done in a day. 21 fish caught. 5 x 20s + biggest 24lb 6. 16 doubles. Lovely linear/koi x 2. Tench and Eels. Thanks to Brian for his hospitality. Lovely weeks holiday. Colin, Michele, Martyn, Emma & Chloe

August 2013 - Well, what a fantastic place. It's so good we've even re booked for next year within ten minutes of arriving. Fabulous lodge and excellent fishing. Thanks to Brian for the rig tips. All of us beat our previous PBs. Paul, Louise, Arlene, Amy & Connor (34 carp plus lots of roach, perch, eels and tench)

August 2013 - Brian, thank you so much for all your advice and helping with rig tips. Top class lodge, very comfortable lodge with all mod cons. The fish were absolutely stunning. All the very best for the future. Simon & James (23 carp to 27lb 6oz, 3 roach to 2lb 9oz)

July 2013 - After weeks of hot weather we arrived at about 5:30pm in the rain! Fantastic setting, beautiful well equipped lodge in stunning surroundings, won't want to go home, a week here won't be long enough. After only 1 night planning to come back next year. Best fishing holiday we have ever had. PB broken by both of us, lovely fish. Won't want to holiday anywhere else. Brian great host. See you soon. Andy & Natalie (51 fish to 27lb 13oz)

July 2013 - No need to put down what we think of the facilities!!! If Carlsberg made holiday venues, then this would be it!!! I wish we could live here!!! Darren. By far the best holiday fishing you could get. I (Rachel) have managed to break my PB yet again (Thank you Brian). We are going home happy and grateful for all that you have done here Brian to make this place fantastic. Wish we could stay here longer. Rachel. Aside from the hot weather being against us (fish were sunning themselves and had no interest in food) during the day the evenings were wonderful and had great nights fishing. Being the first time Rachel had fished during the night and really enjoyed it. We all have had a fantastic time, enjoying the peaceful surroundings, the lake and fish watching and to land the gorgeous fish in this lake xx Darren, Rachel, Paul, Connor & Bethan

July 2013 - Excellent fishing venue & weather. Brian very informative and helpful. Lovely lodge and very well equipped. Our week was very hot with high pressure making the fishing difficult even at night. However, 3 of us produced personal bests! We are all looking forward to our next visit. Thanks to a lovely welcoming family. Looking forward to our return next year x Linda, Reg, Helen & Chris (16 carp to 28lb 8oz, 3 tench and 2 eels) 

July 2013 - Magical place to lose yourself. Top, top venue! Fishing by day during our stay was very tough and required a great deal of patience - by night - AWESOME!! Be prepared to lose sleep!!! Our catch record for the stay - 1 x single, 27 doubles, 11 x twenties, 4 x stockies, 3 x tench (PB 8lb 5oz), 3 x eels, BEST 27lb 8oz PB common. Many thanks to Brian & family for a great week. Simon & Paul

June 2013 - Our third visit to beautiful Stenhill and although the fishing has not been as good as on previous visits we have still thoroughly enjoyed it. We enjoyed catching up with Brian (wonderful hosts) and to see Sarah again. Looking forward to our next visit. Thank you :-) Pam & Steve

June 2013 - We had a fabulous holiday here yet again. Caught 9 fish, not as many fish as we have previously caught here due to high pressure, but all fish caught were in good condition, mid twenties - upwards. Lovely to see Brian & Sarah again. Aaron & Kath, Allan & Linda

June 2013 - Had a really nice stay - 14 fish up to 29lb 10oz during a spawning frenzy!! Lovely lake + accommodation. Thanks Brian - I'll be back. Terry, Ricky + Nick 

June 2013 - Well what can we say. Beautiful location and lodge, with fabulous weather. Fish that we caught were in lovely condition. 3 x PBs. Brian was a fantastic host with lots of helpful knowledge. We will be back. Many thanks xx The Droy Family

May 2013 - Mark has had a brilliant week, didn't want to go home. His catch was 13 fish mainly commons, around 4 mirrors. Not loads of fish but top quality fish & Brian told Mark it was fishing slow too!! Accommodation was first class, very clean, lovely decor, all mod cons that you would need. Spacious garden ideal for children to play away from lake. Brilliant location, nearby to most things. Brian & little Sarah very nice hosts. Will definitely be back!!! Mark, Mandy, Sophie & Ben

May 2013 - Well what a fantastic week away, it is really pure luxury with a great private lake on your doorstep. We will be back next year! Jez & Ash

May 2013 - We have all concluded that this is the most beautiful location we have ever been fishing in. The lake is stunning and the lodge accommodation way surpassed our expectations. The fish are all in wonderful condition - a testament to Brian's constant efforts. Brian is such an approachable, knowledgeable and friendly host too, which all put together, made for a superb week's fishing was awful for most of the time too!! John, Phil & Rob

May 2013 - We came here to film a Chilly on Carp programme for Fishing.TV's Carp Channel. I could never have guessed how wonderful the environment would be, how incredible the fishing would be and how stunning are the carp!! I landed 14 fish to 26-10 ounces and made an incredible programme! To Brian thank you so much for having us here and hope to see you both real soon. All the best. Ian Chillcott

May 2013 - Thank you so much for allowing us to make what will be a great programme. The venue is amazing, the fish are stunning and I have filmed the best battles with carp since I began filming. Thanks again. John. Fishing TV

May 2013 - I've been lucky enough to fish Stenhill many times over the last seven years. Whether visiting for pleasure or magazine features Stenhill has never let me down. This session was no exception with a dozen fish in two nights fishing with plenty of 20's to 25+. Thanks again to Brian. Julian Chidgey

May 2013 - WOW! This has been the best fishing holiday we've ever been on. We haven't left yet but already miss it. Relaxing luxury at its best! Brian & the beautiful Sarah - thank you for your hospitable company - we couldn't have asked for nicer visitors. Excellent fishing throughout the break. Will highly recommend to friends and family so you may well get very busy! See you next year (if not before). (5 x twenties, 7 x doubles, 2 tench and a roach) See you soon and thanks again! Amanda, Martin & Millie

April 2013 - Beautiful Stenhill has worked its magic again! Pam's PB broken to a beautiful 28lb 6oz mirror nick named Warrior, 14 carp and 2 tench. A big thank you to Brian for sharing their little piece of Paradise, a real pleasure to see Sarah again, another year older and not so shy with us. Brian, what can we say, you are so interesting to talk to and your passion for Stenhill is contagious. Please write a book it would be so interesting and a great read!! The advice and help you give is priceless, you know your lake like the back of your hand. Thank you :-) Pam & Steve

April 2013 - Fantastic time, weather was ok. Caught 26 carp biggest 26lb 8oz. Coming back in 6 weeks! Aaron, Kath, Linda & Allan

April 2013 - A very special spot. The lodge is very comfortable and perfect location for lovely w/e break. The fishing for the first 24 hrs was fantastic but unfortunately the weather became very cold and the fish disappeared. Thanks to Brian for looking after us so well - hope to return when it's warmer and catch that elusive 30lb!!! Simon, Sharon & Harry

March 2013 - Fantastic weekends fishing, all the fish are in top condition and even with the sleet and rain we left very happy, hats off to Brian for a superb fishery. Dave, Glen, Dean, Darren & Paul

December 2012 - Just spent the most amazing 3 days at Stenhill Fishery. From the second we got here we were made to feel welcome by Brian & family & given an excellent induction & looked after throughout. From a dedicated angler, this truly is a "fishermans sanctuary", an absolute paradise & hidden treasure. Even in this freezing weather, we were fortunate enough to catch a beautiful double. After hours of research, could not have found a more idyllic setting! Already planning our next visit! Thank you so much for our wonderful stay! Beautiful fish, stunning accommodation with incredible hosts - what more could you ask for?!? Jez & Ash

November 2012 - It takes a very special place to be able to escape from the stress & problems of every day life - that place is Stenhill Fishery! Our congratulations go to Brian for creating a real haven of tranquility. I am not the easiest person to please - the wife will testify to that! But the attention to detail that both Brian has obviously put in has surpassed all our expectations - our heart felt thanks to both of you. James & Barry  

November 2012 - The accommodation was first class. Fishing was slow due to time of year but caught PB mirror 26lb. Will be back next year. Brian is very helpful. Joe 

November 2012 - If Carlsberg were to make fisheries!! 10 out of 10. Simon 

November 2012 - Fantastic fishery, very well run and Brian couldn't have been more helpful. Gary

October 2012 - Fantastic holiday, lodge and facilities excellent. It is beautifully furnished with everything provided that one could wish for. Aaron and I were here in July, brought Aaron's parents. We had some absolutely mega fishing and lots of fun and laughter along the way. Weather was kind to us. We met Sarah who is adorable and Brian made us feel very welcome. 433lbs + 5ozs of carp between us 2 anglers, and 2 Tench. The biggest fish being 30lbs 5oz and Allan's PB for Gt Britain 29lbs 4oz. Tight lines to all that fish here in a fabulous venue. Kath, Aaron, Linda & Allan 

October 2012 - Brilliant 3 days. Top venue and top host. We will be back in July. Best kip in years:-) Sean & Steve

October 2012 - Brilliant venue very exclusive! Lovely fish. Clean, high quality accommodation. Would love to come again. Listen to Brian when it comes to baits! Martin, Darren & Steve

September 2012 - First class fishing. Lodge is 5*. Host Brian knows his stuff and very helpful. 6 fished, 6 PBs.

September 2012 - What can we say! Stenhill Fishery has exceeded all our expectations. The fishery and lodge are truly beautiful. PBs have been broken and broken again. A wonderful wonderful holiday. Pam & Steve. (41 carp in total including 10 over 25lb and 1 over 30lb, plus 4 tench up to 9lb 12oz)    

August 2012 - Great week - we'll be back! 16 carp - 4 twenties (up to 28lbs) and 10 doubles - brilliant! Jonny, Chris, David 

August 2012 - Lovely setting, well equipped lodge. Celebrated our birthdays here. Even though we had all sorts of weather, thunder, lightning, gales, rain, rain, rain, with a little sunshine, we still got our personal bests. Paul, Sue & Daniel 

July 2012Thank you Brian and lovely Sarah. The lodge is stunning! So beautiful to wake up to the lake which holds some superb fish. I caught 16lb 1 oz and 18lb 10oz! Loved every minute of it. Will be back here as soon as I can. Wendy Perry 

July 2012 - We looked online, and thought that looks nice,  And what we found was fishing paradise. A comfy chalet with hot and cold,  Comfort guaranteed for young and old. Mirror and common carp by the score, Big ones, smaller ones, who could ask for more. Brian pops in to see all is on show, A nicer guy would be hard to know. He teaches and guides, and sells from his shop, Makes everyone welcome, so here we will stop.  IF ONLY WE COULD  Simon, Jan and Mum 

July 2012 - Fantastic lodge with everything you could think of. Brian is a lovely person. A beautiful peaceful lake in a fabulous area with glorious views. Will definitely be back soon. Aaron & Kath 

June 2012 - What a fantastic fishery that Brian & little Sarah run. From the minute you arrive to the minute you leave, you are made to feel supremely welcome. Almost nothing is too much for Brian should you have any enquiries or problems (not that we had any!). The lodge is above anything else we have seen on a UK angling break, and the facilities supplied are second to none. The fishing is fantastic, and even though we had our break during the monsoon/hurricane conditions at the beginning of June 2012, the limited hours that we fished produced 14 fish to us which included 10 x different 20lb+ fish! We cannot wait to return (& hopefully the weather will be a bit better then!). If you are thinking of booking up at Stenhill Lakeside Holidays, stop thinking and simply do it as you will not regret it!!! 
Many thanks once again, Darren, Rachel & Bethan

June 2012 - Lodge is superb - very spacious, well equipped and great setting, perfect for the non-angler to relax whilst partner is fishing. Lake & surroundings are very well kept, and fish are well looked after. Fantastic weekend away. Martin & Kirsty

May 2012 - Thank you very much for a fantastic weekend at Stenhill Fishery. You were most welcoming and deserve great success with your venture. The facilities are top class & certainly merit your Gold Award. We wish you both all the very best for the future and we will be returning for sure. Hugh, Chris, Shaun & Jason

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